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Installation service



Site Visit / Design / Conception

After your initial enquiry we will assign you a technician and arrange a site visit at your convenience. Your dedicated technician will able to discuss and explain the otions available that are best suited to your requirements and the requirements of the property, available land and land conditions.

A survey and soil test may be required which we will carry out as part of the service.

We will then design the most cost effective system that will meet those requirements.

A free formal quotation will then be supplied based on the design.

Building approval application

The next step would be to achieve planning permission for the proposed installation. We are able to submit the planning application along with all the required paperwork and technical drawings on your behalf.

This usually includes arranging for a site visit with the local authorities to discuss the project and avoid any possible issues that may arise.

In some cases an "etude de sol" may be requested by your local authority. This is a report carried out by an approved surveying company to determine soil conditions, local impact and their recommendations for an appropriate approved system.

Once planning has been approved we will arrange a date for the installation of your new system.


Once we have agreed a date convenient to you we will arrange for the required materials and machinery to be delivered to site. A typical installation time for a traditional Fosse septique and epandage system is 4-5 days. Microstations and Compact filter systems can be installed in as little as  1-2 days depending on the system requirements and the site.


Final inspection

Once the installation has been completed the system will inspected by the local authority to ensure the system conforms and has been correctly installed. They will then issue you with a letter/certificate of conformity for the system.

Your new system is now ready for you to use.

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