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Compact filter systems

Compact filter systems



  There are two types of compact filter; either with a separate “fosse toutes eaux” or with an inbuilt separation chamber which takes the place of the fosse. For both systems the principle is similar and relies on gravity fed water movement through a filtering system. In this way it does not rely on an electrical input to treat the water. The waste water initially enters the fosse or separation chamber where pre-treatment takes place and bacterial breakdown commences through aerobic and anaerobic bacterial digestion. The waste water, on leaving the fosse, then enters an enclosed, compact filter system designed to remove remaining pollutants using minimal space. As the filtering system is compact and enclosed, both the space required and the chances of flooding are significantly reduced. However, as they still rely on a downward movement of water they remain unsuitable for very problematic terrains and will often require a pumping system to ensure the effective movement of water into, or out of, the system.

A high percent of compact filters systems on the market utilize a organic media to create an environment for the bacteria to reside. These types of units will have a limited life span of around 10-15 years. At this point the media must be removed and replaced with new media. There are some units that utilizes a man made media which extends the life span to around 20-25 years. All systems should always be correctly maintained and serviced to ensure they operate at their optimum performance. 

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