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DIY and Trade kits

DIY kits

DIY kits are available in 2 forms, Basic tank only kits and bespoke kits which includes everything you will need to carry out your installation. The kits also include the cost of  a site visit and commissioning the unit by our technician once you have installed the system. Full installation instructions are supplied in English along with example photographs of each stage of the installation making it very easy for DIY installers.


DIY installations are becoming ever more popular due to the savings to made on the installation costs. The average DIY install saves you around 2000 - 3000 Euros.

If you are interested in a kit then please email us for further information, recommendations and current prices.

Trade kits

Installers and trade enquiries welcome. We can offer all our products at a highly competitive price, usually saving you an average of at least 10% on your current supplier prices. Please contact our sales team for prices and availability.

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